Calla Haynes A/W 2010 Lookbook

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm sorry for not posting for a while, but this week has been pretty hectic. All this school work that needs to be done before the holidays begin took most of my time, and I guess making a Christmas list, decorating our house, hanging out with my lovelies and just enjoying this Christmas spirit took the rest of it!
Anyways I can't believe I haven't seen Calla Haynes' collection before! It was the love at first (but a little late) side! I can tell I'm more and more in minimalistic style and this collection is a perfect example of it! No wonder I'm so excited about it! :D

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Tess Atkinson said...

her legs are insane! amazing

lul said...

LOVE the jacket in the third picture, this is quite wicked!

Anonymous said...

Great clothes, but wow she's so skinny!

Barbara said...

O waw. Lepa kolekcija:)Sploh ta star vinatge efekt na slikah mi je všeč.

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooooh love those looks!!

Angela Alvarez said...

so pretty!! :)



Lena said...

Oooh, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Soo great!!

Lady Vanished said...

great pictures!


Tesa said...

thank you guys!

Julia said...

Love this!:D

Tonje said...

omg I haven`t seen this before either. There`s so many great pieces here. I really fell for the striped jacket and the "tuxido" sheer nude top.

feel free to stop by sometime!

xx Tonje

Gorgeous Clara said...

beautiful clothes! it's so great to discover new designers!

Angela Alvarez said...

lovely lookbook!! :D very nice dresses!!



amwtang said...

love the dresses! xoxo

Tiffany said...

Great collection of photos. They are all very inspiring and fashionable. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Holidays!


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