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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ok, so the first thing that I have to show you guys, it's a little thing that I did. I got a tattoo!!! :))
I've wanted a tattoo really bad for such a long time and a week ago I probably did the most spontaneous thing in my life! I called my best friend, asked her if she was with me and the next thing you know, we are at the studio! As you can see I got a little star behind my ear (my bff has it on her foot) and it is actually dedicated to 5 of my best friends (each side for one of them).
I'm sorry about a really bad quality of the photos, but they were taken with my phone!



rudegirlnina said...

niceee :)) jst si že tooolko časa hočem tatu narest, mislim da bom mogla tut jst kar spontano to opravit, se odločit in it se tetovirat... :))

Closet Fashionista said...

How cute!!! And it has good meaning too :)

helena said...

Oh that's awesome!

Renee Nabam said...

oh well that is magnifique...
want one in my wrist..!!!!

SucceedingatFailing said...

ah wow thats great that you got a tattoo, ive been wanting one for years now but i always chicken out every time i go to a studio! :P


Fashion Gossip said...

Obozavamo zvijezdice :) Mi smo ih pune :))


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