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Friday, October 8, 2010

hey guys!
Once again, I'm sorry for not posting for such a long time. At the moment I really am dealing with some difficulties in my life and I kind of found myself at this point where I have to stop for a moment and realise where am I going and what am I doing! It's hard, dealing with such questions, and having so many problems at the same time, really isn't a piece of cake.
But I know that eventually I'm gonna be ok. I know I'm strong enough to get over this, since I'm surrounded with such an amazing people that are always there for me.
So one of the latest decisions? Not letting my problems to have influence on my blog (meaning better and more regular posting!!)

Have an amazing time!


Harleen David said...

I'm having the same problems too! Juggling with classes, assignments, and blogging are pretty hard.. Good luck there! Hope we both can do it perfectly :D

Greets from Malaysia!


eagle-eye-cherry said...

I think is a bad period for some of us. I also pass through difficult moments and hope everything to end ok. I give you my support for all you need to do and I am waiting for good news.


красивое платье!))

Tesa said...

thank you so much!

Megan said...

Thanks for your comment! What a beautiful picture and I hope you'll feel better and more positive soon!

Anonymous said...

That dress is amazing!

I hope you are doing better, don't let anything get you down! <3

Unknown said...

oh i can absolutely understand you..i have the same feeling!!! hope you will be better!!!
your blog is very very nice by the way

Tesa said...

thank you! :)

Thatgirlisakeeper said...

This is such a great look! I love it. Also like the knot :). Big fan.


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