Saturday, October 16, 2010

Although Slovenia is a tiny country, some amazing designers can be found among 2.million of us. One of them is definitely Nina Šušnjara! She entered the fashion world with a collection called Retrospektiva with which she amazed everyone, so that's why we were all so excited about her new collection called Ellement. In her clothes are sort of a mixture of geometric forms and interior, but she alway keeps them feminine and wearable! I think it's brilliant..and you? :)

photos via 24.com


nina said...

Kot da bi gledala slike s kakšnega fashion weeka:)Super!

Dasha said...

Odlično! Res je neverjetna ;)

ninna said...

Super kolekcija.

michelle_ said...

the ruched pants in the first shot is beyond awesome !!

eagle-eye-cherry said...

Hi, hope you are ok now. I Like the models for today and also your poncho from the last post.

Ana / Fashionfly said...

Brez besed, odlična kolekcija!

helena said...

That's awesome ♥

Unknown said...

Meni je tudi zelo všeč! Ena izmed redkih slovenskih oblikovalcev ki oblikuje dejansko nosljive stvari, pa še super izgledajo! Pajac mi je najljubsi <3


Carina Joana said...

Loved it <3


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