Girls trip to Barcelona

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So as I promised, here is my little surprise for you guys.. a video from our trip to Barcelona!! I'm sorry it took me so long to post it and that it's in a slovenian language, but it was made as a memory for the three of us, so we decided to keep it in our own language :P
I hope you guys like it!!

Have a great rest of the Sunday!


Lena said...

Hilarious video! Loved it! You are so funny! : D

Sue said...


It's a pity I haven't understood a word!!!!!

thanks for stopping by!

Marta said...

i wish i could understand a word! i really did my utmost, but i just didn't manage! but this video is fabulous! :D

Anonymous said...

so cute, great memory to keep!

rudegirlnina said...

hahahahaha LOL "v en kurĨu teden!!" :P:P tko bi tut jst zvenela...

super video!! xD


Tesa said...

thank's guys! :)


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