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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello everyone!
I'm really enjoying my life at the moment! Yesterday I passed my driving exam..of course only the theoretical part, the main thing-driving is still waiting for me, but at least the things began to move somewhere!
Anyway I'm SUPER excited, because there are only 3 DAYS left until..


Barcelona is probably one of my most favourite cities in the whole world! The thing is, that I have only been there once, basically for only a couple of houres (I was waiting for my next flight), but in that short moment, while walking on the streets of this beautiful city, I got almost a spooky feeling of some sort of connection with the place itself! It's really hard to explain, almost like I've already been there..
So at this point, I need your help! I would love it, if you guys could recomend me some amazing, (fashionable) places to check out- I'm talking clubs, (vintage) stores, restaurants,...

Thank you!! :))

...and a very cool video of Barcelona's street style:



Ana Sting said...

Thanks for your comment! I recomend you visit Carrer Tallers, a street where you will found vintage clothes and original too, and the center of course! (Plaça Catalunya, Carrer Pleayo, Portaferrisa, Portal de l'Àngel..) The Barri Gotic is an incredible part of the city and if you want to a cool party in Barcelona go to Apolo ( Avinguda Paralel) on Mondays at party called "Nasty Mondays"!

Sorry for my english, I tried to explain as best as possible! :D



Nina L. said...

Hej! No tudi jaz grem čez 1 teden v Barcelono in sicer že šestič, ker imam sorodnike tam.
Ok, znamenitosti si tako ali tako lahko pogledaš na internetu. Zaupala pa ti bom kje najrajši jaz nakupujem - in sicer v Diagonal Mar, kjer najdeš vse trgovine (ZARA, Blanco, Oysho, Women's secret, Bimba&Lola, Nice Things, Desigual)na kupu in tudi odlične restavracije. Priporočam ti tudi, da si stvari, ki si si jih nagledala v trgovinah, ki so španske (torej ZARA, Bershka, Pull&Bear ...) kupiš v Španiji saj so cene nižje kot pri nas, saj imajo cene za Španijo in Portugalsko drugačne.

Ok, uživaj in se mogoče srečamo.

Emilie said...

Barcelona is the best :) Shopping, the beach, culture, great clubs, ... I adore the city :) Near the beach there are great places to eat, can't tell you a name but sure you'll find something :) Also I really like Park Guëll and la Sagrada Familia, you just have to see that!! There are a lot of tourists but really it's worth it! Oh and also the museum of Miro, it's amazing...
There are great shops, you have too look in some side-streets from la Rambla for little stores, and Zara & Massimo Dutti are more cheap there :) You also have to see Barri Gotic, really cool vibe there :) I'm sorry I can't give you concrete names, but the whole city is just amazing :)

Thanks for visiting my blog darling


CoffeeBlooms said...

...Barcellona is great..I ate the best Paella of my life...unfortunately I don't remember in which restaurant, but definitely you have to taste Paella somewhere!! :)
very nice blog!

Andrea said...

Jaz sem zaljubljena v Barcelono! Popolna je! Morje, arhitektura, nightlife, energija, šoping... Takoj bi se tja preselila:) Meni je bila blazno všeč ta restavracija, imajo res ogromno ponudbo sendvičev in so blazno dobri:)
V četrti Gracia je ful luštnih koktajl barov...aja pa ne splača se ti it v klube pred 2.uro zjutraj, ker ni še nobenega notri(pravim iz lastnih izkušenj):D Lepo se imej!

Tesa said...

thank you all so much!


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