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Olivia Palermo for Asos

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I've been meaning to post this for some time now- I actually wrote the post and then forgot about it, leaving it in my drafts! Anyway I simply adore this editorial. I love Olivia and I think she's one of the most prettiest women in this planet. Must say I never really bought that bitchy attitude and the way she's presented in the City! I guess this editorial is just another prove of her beauty and well the clothes..I'm speechless!



--Sanam-- said...

Some great photos there.And olivia seems to be EVERYWHERE these days lol :D but i love her style,she is such a fashion icon :D

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Bor said...

What a great season!

TOPCOAT said...

This shoot has been popping up everywhere!
Olivia looks unreal in these photos, so gorgeous.. And amazing fashion!!


Elena said...

i love olivia's style and i love asos.

i invite you to visit my blog

LIDA said...

obožujem ta editorial!

Fashion Queen said...

I love her style and this shoot. She is gorgeous.

Yaary said...

she looks the outfits!

Tesa said...

thank's for your comments!

StyleNonsense said...

I Lovee Ms. Palermo, She's A Bit Of A Bitch Like Me.
Following Your Blog!

Sumo Dewan said...

shes got gr8 style :)

Tesa said...

thank you guys!

Lucia Cl said...

love these photoss!!!

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