Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hey guys! As you can see I've changed the name of the blog from tempspourlamode to magnifique-fashionblog, because I think it's much easier to remember!
So what I need from you is to go and (re)follow me on Bloglovin, because I had some problems, so I had to delete my old account and create a new one!
..And of course don't forget to follow me on Facebook & Twitter! ;)

Thank you!

Love, Tesa


Mirr.L said...

Ok, I follow you:)
Amazing blog, really :D

Sissy à la Mode said...

nice new name darling!!! already followed you with facebook...i have problems with bloglovin too!!!!

Sibila Losada said...

How awesome is your blog! I've seen all your awards and magazines features, SO HAPPY FOR YOU GIRL! Im following you on blogger & twitter :D
Best regards from a spanish fashion blogger!!

Tesa said...

thank you guys so much! I thought I lost all my followers because of the change!!

Sally said...

Thanks so much for stopping by lady, I really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for stopping by at my little blog. I appreciate it and hope you'll come back. Reading nice comments is always fantastic. I'm following your blog with Bloglovin' now. I'm excited to see with what you come up in the future. What I read so far was great. I especially liked the article about the exhibition. Awesome art work! ^^

Have a lovely Sunday!
All the best from Brazil!

Tesa said...

thank you!

Violet E. said...

i love it ^ ^

Shenai said...

simple yet perfect. lovee.


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