Sunday, July 11, 2010

Probably one of the most simple, popular and frequent DIY..ripped jeans! I was cleaning my closet and I found an old pair of black jeans and well since I have my holidays and I have plenty of time, I decided to costumize them a little!
Even though I'm pretty sure you all know very well the whole process, here are some photos of my today's entertainment but you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see the whole result and of course me wearing them! :)


Unknown said...

Very good;)
thank you so much for comment!

fashion clocked said...

Brill Diy- looks like a great job! I have the same wildfox pics saved just loved that campaign( previous post!) Thanks so much for calling by!
visit me soon!
fashion clocked
kisses katie.xx

Sanam said...

Wow,i never knew creating ripped jeans was sooo easy ! :D this is a fabulous post,hopefully you will be doing another DIY,as i would definately be interested in checking that out :) So i am sure to become a follower of your fab blog as of now,hopefully you wouldnt mind doing the same for my blog :) as that would be awesome :D


miss a said...

Hi,nice post!!
please score my hypeed contribution at HERE(click) and will do the same thing ^-6 (inform me if u have did it)

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Unknown said...

thanks for sharing this looks great xxx

Sassi said...

great idea!

Simone said...

I know it's really simple!
I made a short of a long pair of jeans and ripped it, you can see it on today's post ;)

Tesa said...

thank you all so much for your comments!


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