hey, I put some new shoes on..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Even though the majority of clothes that have remained in stores like Zara or H&M (that are on sales) are in size L or XL and almost all the shoes are in size 36 or 42, I was extremely happy when I found these wedges in Zara in my size. I've been checking these babies for some time now, but because of not so friendly account I thought they were going to remain one of those unfulfilled dreams, until..
Jap, you've guessed it, they were on sales and they were waiting for me in all their beauty! :D And to complete a very successfull shopping trip I found ANOTHER shoes in H&M, also in my size that were so cute and so adorable that I really couldn't let them behind!
So here I am, with two new pairs of shoes and with an empty account again. Would I do it again?..Definitely! :D

Have a good day!


TMFA said...

The wedges are great!

Victoria Jin said...

i love the second pair of shoes!

Simone said...

Love the colour of the shoes, beautiful

Lady Vanished said...

wow I really love the shoes!*___*


FashionHippieLoves said...

the first pair <3


Tesa said...

thank you guys! :)

With love, Ana. said...

Obojni so super!

Isquisofrenia said...

girl, i love the wedges its more me the other are really awesome too but less me anyways i want a lot of shoes but i cant have them sux
hey i really dig your style so laid back and so you!

A Stylish Affair said...

Those shoes are so cute I love both of their colours and the fact that they`re suede-ish. And I totally understand the frustration that exists when finding something that amazing that doesn`t end up coming in your size. So congratulations on your great findings.

Tesa said...

thank you so much!

amanda said...

answ: thought so too, it's amazing!
and i like your first shoes there :)

JoewardM said...

wow!those shoes are gorgeous! :]

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

Wow, love the shoes!!
The wedges are amazing <3


Anonymous said...

really like the pumps!

Sara* said...

Congrats for you blog! :)
Join on mine


and add you on my follower and on BlogLovin!
The favore will be returned


Anna Katrina said...

in love!! very sarah jessica parker of you :)

stop by sometime<3

Sarah said...

ooh these are great! I especially love the wedges xx

SAM said...

Oh no!
you have these wonderful shoes :D
how much did the zara one cost?
xoxo samira ♥

Tesa said...

thank you guys for your comments!

the Zara wedges were only 30€ ;)

Raez said...

great shoes! the colour is so yummy, like chocolate!

xx raez

STARR said...

Great find! so versatile

Tesa said...

thank you sweeties*

Zoe said...

i really like the zara wedges!


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