Thursday, May 13, 2010

Since clogs are one of the hottest trends this spring and summer, they are everywhere. Different colours, shapes, materials you can find them in almost every single (shoe) store! When I first saw this trend, making its way up to the top, I wasn't really impressed with it and I was kind of thinking about skiping the whole "clog euphoria", but looking at different blogs and the way people are wearing them, I'm starting to really like them! And I think I found my perfect pair..


They are from Jeffrey Campbell, but I saw almost an identical pair at Zara!
..Still deciding! :)


Neekoh said...

I definitely fell for this trend and bought some off eBay just yesterday! Those JCs are gorgeous, too!


The Mars Ocean Project said...

Hey, thanks for comment on my blog!

I really like yours too!

About the clogs: I wasn't sure at the beggining but now i totally love them!

Wrecked Stellar said...

I've been debating about clogs! They look fabulous on many, but I'm still undecided!! I do like the JC ones though!

leblogdemok said...

Of course they are GORGEOUS !!!!!!!! Love them !
thanks for your sweet comment' ;-)

Emilie said...

Love them!

Tesa said...

thank's for all the comments you guys! :))

LA said...

I would choose the highest and the cheapest ;)

(Those are soo cute!)


Rue des Modèles said...

thanks for ur comment!
I like it so much!! But seems uncomfortable

Lea said...

I think I'll pass this one. Clogs look kinda cute on many girls but I guess I'm not one of them.

Unknown said...

tudi meni so vedno bolj všeč, na začetku sem pa rekla 'no go!' :) you go girl! ;)


tdw said...

this clogs are nice

Kisses from France
Olivia & Mariam

Tesa said...

thank's for all the comment! :))

Lara said...

I think I need to buy a pair of clogs... :D

Thanks for your lovely comment!

The sandals are from Zara


Teresa said...

At first I didn't like them neither, but now is on my shopping list for this season!


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