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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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I think it's not really hard to find out what do I wish for right now. I guess me being sorry for myself is appearing in almost every last post, but c'mon, I mean really..who can possible stay concentrated and focused in such a warm and sunny days?!!
So, while my familiy is having fun, exploring the Italy, I'm staying home with my dog, pretty much sitting in the garden all day, looking at the books and cursing the fact of being senior (forget all the things about me saying how awsome is that!). So no fashionable photos today..only some, I made because I was bored and I was trying to avoid studying!
I know..I'm hopeless!

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NADJA said...

Če fotografiraš bližnje posnetke, uporabljaj način makro oz. macro, ker pripomore boljšemu izostrenju bližnjih predmetov/stvari, ki jih forografiraš.. Mislim da je za tako fotografiranje namenjena rožica, narisana v tvojem vrtljivem meniju.. Če si to fotografirala z novim Canonom. Sicer mam pa jaz nikona :)

M said...

a pes je biu pa pri frizerju?! stylish!!! ;)

SB said...

eh I know how you feel...vsi smo moral it skozi to. Pa velik srece pri maturi! :)


LA said...

don't worry girl, be patient =( I'm in very similar situation..



Tesa said...

thank's everyone, I really need all those incentive words! :))


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