sun is back!

Monday, February 1, 2010


After weeks of cloudy, snowy and foogy weather today, we FINALLY got some sun! And it's funny how it effects people. I believe we are all much more positive, happy and relaxed and I just simply can't wait when these "sunny days" will change into "sunny weeks"..god I miss summer!
Anyway I wore my new top today, got quite a lot of compliments on it and I guess it was just that little something that made the day absolutely fabulous! ;)

Have fun!


Wearing H&M top, vintage earrings, H&M belt


El Armario de Pandora said...

So trendy!

Madeleine said...

Lovely details on the shoulders

Ashlee said...

I luv that shirt you wore when it finally got sunny!! its so cute! wish i had it...i hope 2 go to Paris one day because it is my dream vaca!! :)

Tesa said...

thank's guys :)

Unknown said...

omg this top is amazing...H&M here I come! :)

Tesa said...

thank you!*

K said...

res krasna majĨka/top/bluza. in zadnja fotka je kjuuut. ;)

Tesa said...



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