Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So I decided to enter the small contest, made by woman that lives and breathes fashion: Caroline Blomst (if someone somehow doesn't know her blog, GO check it out! Her style is amazing!) She styled 14 different looks and you have to pick the one you like the most, post it on your blog and convince her why do you think, you should be the winner! So ladies and gentelmen I give you...



So, you look at this girl's face- beautiful and cute! She must be an angel, so sweet and innocent, with that cute braid at the side of her head. But then your look slowly slides down.
Of course as it should be, she's wearing a nice striped top, no low necklines or anything too revealing.
Ok, lets move on..The shorts are, hm probably a little too short, but well I suppose we could live with that!
But wait a second, what is this?!! She just grabbed a black LEATHER JACKET?! And a pair of heels?!! What about lovely trench coat and flattering flats?
What is happening?!! ..This girl is definitely not so good anymore!

Don't know about you guys, but the only thing I would add to this outfit is a hottie on a motorcycle! :)
So that's why I would like to win this outfit..I guess I want to go bad! :D

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