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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I feel so released. I'm officialy over with all the school work witch means holidays for almost two weeks. Christmas and New Year's eve are almost here and I still have PLENTY of work to do. I still haven't finished my Christmas list and I'm kind of starting to feel a little pressure especially because I still have no ideas what am I going to get for a few of my family members. Anyway I remember how only a few weeks ago we were complaining how the temperatures are too high for December and how they are ruining the whole "Christmas spirit". Well I'm taking all back! It's been extremly cold lately so all you want to wear are Ugg boots and as many warm sweaters as you can find but well, I guess you have to sacrifice yourself for fashion sometimes :)




Wearing H&M sweater, DIY skirt, vintage necklases.


beba said...

Ej, ekstra lepo si oblečena! Ta puloverček je taak lep, kak mi je všeč to na ramenih!
Pa kiklca je tudi ful lepa, super DIY!

Mir in ljubezen!

Tesa said...

hvala :)

duckalicious said...

oh no, not the Uggs. I'd rather wear 5 pairs of socks :D

Tesa said...

hehe I couldn't agree more! :D

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