Saturday, October 10, 2009

London- another city with an amazing fashion that I, besides Paris, simply adore. Probably the thing I like the most is that people really aren't afraid to wear whatever they like and they just don't care what the others would think. But that's because Londoners in general aren't judgemental at all (not like here in Slovenia where people basically stare at you when you dress up a little bit differently).
The motiv that reminds me of this magnificent city would be the famous british flag and I'm becoming more and more obssesed with it! So I made this outfit and I must say when I was picking up the shoes I just couldn't resist this pair..I think they are absolutely amazing and I can just imagine some fashionista (of course from London) wearing them!

London't street fashion:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Unknown said...

I love London too :) It's my second favourite city after Paris. I love their style and how they can wear whatever they want.

P.S. I have tagged you to do the 7 things tag.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are absolutely right…
The London fashion is wonderful and the Londoners mind completely correct, in every world everybody must to be like them…
I wear whatever I wanna wear and don’t mind what the others think about it.
Leave me alone…
Leave all people!
Xoxo, Lady

Ps: coincidence, I’m wearing a flag uk in this exactly moment!!!

Tesa said...

heh you go girl! ;)

and thank's for the comments!

Slanelle said...

great selection and photos!


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