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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello everyone!!
I'm sorry for not posting for such a long time, but I just spent the best 2 weeks in my life!! I was in Spain, more precisely in Salamanca, a small university town, where me and my best friends took some spanish courses.
One world: FIESTA!!
I really had a time of my life, I met a lot of interesting people, improved my spanish (a little bit) and I just can't believe that everything is over and I'm back home!
I'll post some pics (I hope) very soon, I'm just waiting for my friends to send them to me (because of my dearest parents that were traveling at that time as well, I had to take our old camera with me and trust me..you don't want to see those pictures!).
I hope you're all having great time and that this will be an unforgettable summer for you as well!



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When we are living with our friends,Then we fully enjoy, we can never forget that..

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babycatface said...

I live in Salamanca Tesa.
You are right great place, hope you had great time.

Cat kisses.


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