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Sunday, June 7, 2009


One and only- ANDY WARHOL. He has always been one of my favourite artist. His graphics of Marlyn Monroe, famous "banana print", tins,..and more and more. I guess he is one of so called "the people"- the innovator, the one who breaks all of the restrictions of the time that he is living in. Sometimes I ask myself, do we have someone like this now? I don't know why but no matter how I try, I see him and other of his kind all around. So I guess he isn't just immortal because of his work, but because he is a huge influence on today's artists and the one who are trying to step out and become THE ONES! That's why it's no strange that Pepe Jeans made a part of its collection dedicated to him and the result is more than amazing!


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Barbara said...

Andy Warhol je zame ikona brez katerega tut ne bi blo art rokav 70ih!:) On je navdihnil Davida Bowie in Velvet underground! :)

Yuri said...

Great editorial photos! I like the Marilyn Monroe tee!


Katja said...

You were tagged :)


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