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Monday, January 12, 2009

Photobucket maram ponedeljkov! Še posebej če ti gre že zjutraj vse narobe in po možnosti prespiš budilko, tako da se celoten tedn začne stresno in že v samem začetku čakaš na konec! No, upam da ste tale ponedeljek začeli mirno in uspešno, brez večjih pretresov in vam je tako dan hitro minil :D lep teden!

Aaaa, I hate mondays! Especially if everything goes wrong already in the morning and you (for example) sleep through the alarm, so that the new week starts stresfully and you are already waiting for the end (right at the beggining)! Well I hope you all started this Monday peacefully and successfully, without major problems, so that the day passed by quickly :D have a great week!




LeopardFreak said...

i really like both of these looks. don't hate me for saying i don't like your boots. but i guess when there's snow and ice outside style does not rule over practical. anyway, i really like these two outfits. and i love that necklace:D

Gracie said...

that necklace is so pretty!!

Deanna said...

I love your outfits. Where do you shop? All of your jewelry is beautiful.


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